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Goëmar/Arysta LifeScience/ Wins Prestigious Agrow Award for Best New Biopesticide : Vacciplant®


DUBLIN (4 November 2014) – Goëmar is pleased to announce that Vacciplant®, part of our Bioperformance Technologies, was judged to be the best new biopesticide at the seventh Agrow Awards ceremony, which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 29 October. Arysta LifeScience acquired Goёmar in March 2014.

“All Goëmar people are very proud to get the Biopesticide AgrowAward 2014 for Vacciplant, our Biocontrol solution. 

This recognition from the Plant Protection Industry is making globally known the field proven quality of Vacciplantwhich contributes to sustainable agriculture” Says Jean-Pierre Princen, President of Goëmar.

Vacciplant is a natural biocontrol product that triggers crops’ defence mechanisms and protects them against a wide range of pathogens, leaving no residue. Vacciplant obtained by Goëmar research is efficient against various diseases of many crops. Its natural active ingredient Laminarin is listed on European Annex I, has no toxicological nor ecotoxicological classification (No residue) and is usable in organic farming. Vacciplant has obtained in the lat months new registrations in Poland, Italy, France, Netherland and UK on various pathogens such as Botrytis and powdery mildew Strawberry, Bremia Lettuce or Scab and Gloesporium on Apples. 

A dedicated formulation for cereals, Vacciplant already developed in France, just got registration for UK farmers.With these new authorizations, Vacciplant is now used in 11 European countries and in USA. 

Vacciplant is fully part of the Integrated Pest Management programs to answer increasing farmers needs such as residue management or resistance management. In summary, VACCIPLANT® offers efficient crop protection while better answering consumers' increasing request for safe food and best possible agricultural practices.

This Agrow Award is a real recognition of Vacciplant value and reinforce Goëmar commitment to make the technology available to more growers worldwide. 

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